Bison Is The Natural Choice

Bison is simply healthier and more nutritious for your dog than beef, pork, poultry, or fish and naturally contains more essential vitamins and minerals with less fat and calories. Sadie’s All Natural treats are sourced and freeze-dried in Colorado from Free Range Grass Fed American Bison and Human-grade, Free-range Chicken with no steroids, added hormones, or antibiotics. Our dog and cat treats are a pure, high protein, low fat alternative to treats that have fillers, chemicals, sugar and carbs. Check the label “Crude Analysis”. Add the percentages and subtract from 100. What is left are the sugars and carbs in the treats. This number should be 10% or less and that assures you are getting a wholesome treat. Because our products are grain free and gluten free, they are the perfect treat for dogs and cats with allergies.

Our Heart Chips provide a high quality vitamin, mineral and protein supplement, and are an excellent source of Coenzyme Q which assists every cell of the body in producing the energy needed for cell growth and maintenance. Sadie’s Liver Chips provide a broad spectrum of essential amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, folic acid, and critical minerals such as iron, copper and zinc necessary for you dog’s health. Bison chews provide plenty of natural chewing satisfaction for your pet without harmful chemical additives, flavoring, or coloring. Try Sadie’s All Natural Bison Dog and Cat Treats. Your pet will love them.

Nutritional Comparison – Per 100 Gram Servings

Protein Fat Calories Cholesterol Iron Vitamin B12
Bison 28.44 g 2.42 g 143 82 mg 3.42 mg 2.86 mcg
Beef 27.21 g 10.15 g 219 86 mg 2.99 mg 2.65 mcg
Pork 27.51 g 9.66 g 201 86 mg 1.10 mg 0.75 mcg
Chicken 28.93 g 7.41 g 190 89 mg 1.21 mg 0.33 mcg
Salmon 25.40 g 10.97 g 216 87 mg 0.55 mg 5.80 mcg
Turkey 27.27 g 9.95 g 206 134 mg 1.45 mg 1.66 mcg

One Ingredient • High Protein Low Fat • Grain Free • Gluten Free • Diabetic Friendly

Free Range Bison
Human-Grade Chicken
Grass Fed
Made in Colorado

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