Meet Sadie

After the loss of our beloved Rottweiler Sheba in January of 2014, we worked with a breeder and brought home our new Rottie pup in April of 2014. Her name is Sadie and this is her company. Over the past 6 years, we have continued to see the benefits of our bison and chicken products with Sadie. She has a shiny coat, is full of energy along with talkative and playful.

Choosing Her Name

I was visiting Sadie at the Breeder’s home when she was about 5 weeks old. I had decided on 2 names – Sadie (Princess) or Xiva. Our other Rottie’s name was Sheba  which means “queen”.

I was holding Sadie by my shoulder and she was looking away. I called her “Xiva” with no reaction. Then I called her “Sadie” and her head came up and she looked me right in the eyes.

I did this twice and got no reaction to Xiva, but got the same reaction to “Sadie”. The breeder was a witness. I said, “I think we have a name” and she agreed.

Sadie the Protector

Recently our walk-in freezer went out and we could not get it repaired until the next day. Because it is full of bison product for Sadie’s All Natural, we loaded it with dry ice for the night.

The next morning when I took Sadie for her morning walk she ran over to the warehouse where the walk-in is located and was running back and forth between the 2 doors jumping and barking. I let her in the building and she ran right to the freeze-dry machine looking for Phil. As it turns out, the dry ice gives off a gas and she could smell it and thought he was in trouble. Once she realized he was not in the building, she was fine.

One Ingredient • High Protein Low Fat • Grain Free • Gluten Free • Diabetic Friendly

Free Range Bison
Human-Grade Chicken
Grass Fed
Made in Colorado

Sadie’s Must Haves