Hear What Sadie’s Friends Have to Say

“I purchased 2 of these chews in a pet boutique in Vail, Colorado. My dogs love them. We are almost finished with the 2 from Vail, and I’m so psyched to find out that I can order these online. These are so much safer than most chews on the market. I am thrilled to find out they sell more products than just the scapula chews! I just purchased some more scapula chews and some bison backstrap chews. My dogs will be so excited! Thank you so much!” ~ Quinn Emler

“Nothing better than the freeze dried bison flexors😍” ~ Krista Kaptan

“These are the best treats I’ve found anywhere. And believe me, I’ve searched everywhere. I am an extremely over-protective dog mom and these are the only chews I feel comfortable giving my babies. One of my pickiest dogs gets pop-eyes from excitement when he even sees the package. The customer service is equal to the quality of their treats and I really appreciate that!!!” ~ Krista Laudan

“My kitty LOVES your treats! We have a system. She gets a little bit 2 times a day. If I don’t follow the system, she gets mad!” ~ Kimberly Granberg

“These treats have saved us during our intense weeks of puppy training. Thank You, Thank You Auntie Dee & Sadie! We love You and Love your all natural treats! They are our “high value” treats for sure!!!” ~ Corey Stiles

“These are the best treats that are so healthy. My three Pomeranians LOVE them all. They have tried them all. I would recommend these for pet owners that are interested in the best treats for their health.” ~ Benay Behnke

“I Love these treats and will be recommending them to all my client’s animals as I work heavily with diet and nutritional health of our sweet animal friends.”~ Tara Seren

My dogs love them and also it gives me peace of mind that they’re not getting junk in their bodies. ~ Keith Hendrix 

“There’s a lot that’s amazing about this product. It’s local, insuring the high quality of the treats, dogs go crazy it, you can easily break it up for any size training treat. Their chews are clean, odor free and easy to digest. In a word, perfection. I have found that even the most finicky dogs I train are motivated by Sadie’s All Natural Dog Treats. I love them!!” ~ Gigi Moss

“Hello Sadie and Friends, A huge Hello and Thank You from the Midwest from Alvin the shep (aka: “Big Al”) and his owner Ken. We are so thankful that we found, by accident, your product on the internet. After not owning a dog for 20 years, we decided to rescue our boy from a shelter a few months back. Being rusty in regards to food and treats, we went back to the old stand-bys and current treats until we were shocked about the overseas treats and the dangers they could pose. In fact, our vet specifically said no products from a certain country. Throw them out immediately. That’s where you folks come in. He gets so excited when he knows when he will be getting a “Sadie’s” treat. I never, never, saw a dog lick his lips before he gets the treat, his tail going left to right to beat the band. We have tried everything that you have had to offer both bison and chicken wise and he loves them all, with the “oysters” probably his most favorite. I have recommended your product to other owners and I know they have ordered also and told us their boys love them too. I can’t recommend your product more highly than this. I would suggest to anyone to at least give Sadie’s a try and at least you know it’s natural and made here in the USA! You really have nothing to lose.”
~ Best wishes, “Big Al” and Ken

One Ingredient • High Protein Low Fat • Grain Free • Gluten Free • Diabetic Friendly

Free Range Bison
Human-Grade Chicken
Grass Fed
Made in Colorado

Sadie’s Must Haves