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From our ranch in northern Colorado and approved by Sadie herself, Sadie’s All Natural dog and cat treats are the tasty, nutritional treats your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. Sadie’s All Natural dog treats are one ingredient, grain, carb and gluten free – a perfect treat for your pet and safe for diabetic dogs or those with allergies. Made from 100% all natural free-range, grass fed American Bison and Human-Grade Chicken, our treats are perfect any dog or cat. Try Sadie’s All Natural, your pet will love them.

One Ingredient • High Protein Low Fat • Grain Free • Gluten Free • Diabetic Friendly

Free Range Bison
Human-Grade Chicken
Grass Fed
Made in Colorado

Sadie’s Favorites

Your pets are members of the family.
Treat them to the best!

“I purchased 2 of these chews in a pet boutique in Vail, Colorado. My dogs love them. We are almost finished with the 2 from Vail, and I’m so psyched to find out that I can order these online. These are so much safer than most chews on the market. I am thrilled to find out they sell more products than just the scapula chews! I just purchased some more scapula chews and some bison backstrap chews. My dogs will be so excited! Thank you so much!”
~Quinn Emler
“These are the best treats you can give your furbaby. I have a german shepherd with digestive issues and these are the only treats that she can have that don’t give her G.I. issues. Dee, the owner, is amazing. She has emailed me and given me advice to help me with my puppy’s digestive issues. She always responds whenever I have any questions. This is a great business that has the best products. You can not find any better treats anywhere. If you haven’t tried these products you need to.. you will not be disappointed.”
~ Lisa Perez
“These are the best treats I’ve found anywhere. And believe me, I’ve searched everywhere. I am an extremely over-protective dog mom and these are the only chews I feel comfortable giving my babies. One of my pickiest dogs gets pop-eyes from excitement when he even sees the package. The customer service is equal to the quality of their treats and I really appreciate that!!!”
~Krista Alasti
“There’s a lot that’s amazing about this product. It’s local, insuring the high quality of the treats, dogs go crazy it, you can easily break it up for any size training treat. Their chews are clean, odor free and easy to digest. In a word, perfection. I have found that even the most finicky dogs I train are motivated by Sadie’s All Natural Dog Treats. I love them!!”

~Gigi Moss

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